• Medical Detectives Syllabus

    Mr. Aragon                  Project Lead the Way           

     Course Description

    PLTW students engage in hands-on activities, projects, and problems that are reflective of real-world challenges. This compelling, real-world approach empowers students to learn essential, in-demand skills  

     validated by the world’s leading companies, while also providing an invaluable connection between what students are learning in the classroom today and how it applies to the paths they’ll take in the future.

    Students are engaged through problem-based learning. Students are presented with information/knowledge and then must apply it to solve problems. Most of the problems have multiple solutions. Students

     utilize their prior and new knowledge in order to develop a possible solution.  Students are encouraged through this process with probing and guided questions from the teacher instead of direct answers.

    Students are expected to read critically through detailed patient medical files in order to determine a potential diagnosis for patients. They also must calculate viral attack rates as an outbreak occurs within the

     identified community in the course curriculum.


    Class Rules

    1. Students will enter class quietly, sit in their assigned seats, and prepare for class to begin.

    2. Students will complete the warm-up as posted on board.
    3. All student areas should only have writing utensils and a notebook at their station.

    4. Students are expected to have listening devices (ear buds or headsets).
    5. Students will put cellphones in backpacks.
    6. Students will come to class prepared.

    7. Students will respect EVERYONE.

    8. No gum/candy or drinks allowed. Only water bottles/containers. 

    9. Students will turn assignments in on time.


    Computer Rules

    1. No unauthorized websites. 

    2. Changing the computer settings is NOT allowed.

    3. You will lock or log out of your computer if not in use.
    4. Always save your work on your Google Account Drive. Any work saved on the computer hard drive may be lost/erased.
    5. If a computer is messed up, changed, damaged, or not in the appropriate order, when you FIRST come into the room, notify the teacher. 

    6. You will respect the classroom and the equipment.