• Boys PE/Athletics Rules and Policies


    1. No drinking or smoking of any kind.
    2. The hair should be kept neat at all times. The athlete hair should and will not be in a manner that will draw attention to the individual instead of the team.
    3. If you have to miss a practice please notify a coach.
    4. Be prompt and on time for all meetings and practices.
    5. Keep locker room clean and neat.
    6. Treat others, as you would have them treat you.
    7. At all times you will be held accountable for your actions.
    8. Absolutely no negative blogging about a Coach or Athlete
    9. Do Right


    1. Drugs: Will not be tolerated. First offense will result in dismissal from the team.
    2. Alcohol:  Will not be allowed.  First offense will result in dismissal from the team.
    3. Profanity: We do not allow it. First offense will result in disciplinary action.
    4. Stealing: Taking things that do not belong to you, especially taking from

                          your teammates will not be tolerated. A player caught and

                          proven guilty will be dismissed from the team.

    1. Earrings: Athletes are not allowed to wear earrings during class, practices

                           or games. Furthermore, athletes will not be allowed to wear earrings

                           outside of school when they are representing Metzger Athletics.

    1. Gang Affiliation: Any athlete affiliated with a gang will be dismissed from the team.
    2. Conduct: We are noted for our clean, tough, competitive play.  We don’t shoot off our mouths on or off the field.  Praise the opponents and play beyond your ability.  We expect you to conduct yourselves as gentlemen at all times.  You are expected to act properly in class, giving your teachers and administrators courtesy and respect.

     8.  Attendance:   Do not cut class.  Don’t be tardy.  If you miss an athletic period, be sure that it can’t be helped.  Don’t make appointments on our time.  If you must be absent, call and talk to one of the coaches