• Classroom Expectations & Daily Procedures


    In order for JMS keep the tradition of a successful and award-winning program, the student must follow these guidelines:

    • Enter the class quietly, courteously, and on time
    • Enter the class, grab your instrument and binder, find your seat, place backpack on back of chair, unpack your instrument and start warming up (play scales, practice music, etc.).
    • When Mr. Garcia steps on the podium all talking should stop and you should be ready for instruction
    • You are considered late if you are not in your seat when Mr. Garcia is ready to start class
    • All students must have great rehearsal etiquette when we are rehearsing (see next page for rehearsal etiquette)
    • Speak with respect to your classmates and teachers
    • Must participate actively in class (This is not an option. If you do not participate you should find a different elective.)
    • Practice is not an option. Just like any other class there is homework and orchestra is no different. Your daily practice is your homework. Come to class prepared
    • Be respectful of your peers, do not play someone else’s instrument
    • Absolutely no food, drinks or gum in the orchestra room. Take pride in your orchestra room by making sure that it is neat
    • All backpacks must be stowed on the back of your chair and out of the way
    • Music stands are for your music and nothing else. Do not lean or damage the music stands in any way
    • Respect yourself, classmates, teacher and room. Pick up after yourself and take pride in what you do.