• Rules and “Pet Peeves”

    1. Cell phones and headphones remain put away unless you have been given permission to use them.
    2. Please raise your hand to speak during class discussions. When someone is talking to the class we show them the courtesy of listening.
    3. Classroom vernacular may be relaxed but I need you to exercise restraint. I do not like to hear profanity.  You are in a professional environment.  Please conduct yourself as so.
    4. Clean up after yourself.
    5. Be prepared in class each day.

    Grading Policy

     Daily work and homework will not be accepted late.  Projects may be turned in late with a 10 point deduction for one day and 20 points for two days (Past 2 days will be a zero).  Tests may only be re-taken for a maximum of 75 per district policy.


    Grading weights and frequency (JECA)

    • Homework 10% (Min of 2/9wks)
    • Tests/Projects 40% (Min of 2/9wks)
    • Quiz, Daily 50% (Min of 2 per week)


    Make-up work for absences

    1. Students are expected to contact the teacher upon returning to school.  It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to obtain all agendas, class notes, assignments, etc. missed while absent.
    2. Students will be allowed one school day for each day that they are absent from a class to make up work without late consequences.  The student can make up work for all absences and administrative suspensions.