• CLASS EXPECTATIONS (Can change if needed)


    1. Respect yourself, the teacher & others.
    2. Put forth your best effort at all times.
    3. Be prepared for class each day.
    4. Follow directions when given.
    5. Pay attention, participate and ask questions.
    6. Preserve a positive learning environment.
    7. Take responsibility for your actions.
    8. All JECA handbook expectations will be enforced.
    9. Syllabuses will give you more clarification on expectations and behaviors.

    CLASS RULES (Can change if needed)


    1. Turn off cell phones & electronic devices.
    2. No food or drink, (unless you have the nurse's permission).
    3. Arrive at class on time & ready to learn.
    4. Never line up at the door before dismissal.
    5. Do not cheat, plagiarize, or copy work.
    6. Use polite and appropriate language.
    7. Do your best & turn it in on time.
    8. Stay in your assigned seats during the class period.
    9. All JECA handbook rules will be enforced. 

    CLASS PROCEDURES (More will be added if needed)


    1. Homework/Classwork/Projects
    • No Late Homework/Classwork is accepted.
    • Projects can be turned up to 2 days late-after the 2nd day late, they will be assigned a zero (more regarding the late policy of projects in syllabus
    1. Everyone must be in a dress code.
    2. Students must wear a JECA ID for their current school year.
    3. If you are tardy, turn in your slip to your teacher
    4. Pick up after yourself before you leave
    5. If absent, make sure to check Canvas to see what you have missed. If you missed a test or quiz you need to come talk to the teacher the day you get back.