• Classroom Policy and Procedures


    On-Line Norms and Expectations:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1IqafllJTYmrGlSNWpNSU6hGqyHK19Pum2z23a-75JP0/copy#slide=id.p



    C - Conversation Level 0= no talking, 1= whisper, 2=Talk to shoulder partners, 3= Speaker voice 

    H - Help 1. Raise your hand 2. Ask a partner 3. Ask your group

    A - Activity The activity will be stated to the students during the lesson.

    M - Movement Students will have chances to move and work in groups throughout the day. The level of movement required for the activity will be directly stated by the teacher.

    P - Participation Participation strategies include things like listening, partner work, group work, and more.

    S - Success!


    Incentives for positive behavior may include:

    • Verbal praise
    • Bolt bucks, treasure chest, or other incentives

    Consequences for misbehavior may include:

    • Move to a new spot
    • Verbal reminder from teacher
    • Student conference
    • Note/email home
    • Phone call home
    • Parent conference
    • Office referral for severe/chronic misbehaviors



    Please email or call to set up a conference. I am always happy to meet with families! Daily conference times are 1:00-1:45 M, W, Th.


    Dismissal Changes

    Please contact me by noon if there is a dismissal change for your child. You may email or call the front office. This will give me time to communicate the information to your child and ensure that they are dismissed correctly after school.


    Dress Code

    Please visit this link to view the Judson ISD dress code guidelines.



    Our school day is from 7:30 AM-2:45 PM. Breakfast will be served in the classroom starting at 7:10 each morning.



    Please visit this link to view the Elolf Elementary menu.


    Parent Center

    Parent Center is aimed at keeping you informed and involved in the everyday activities of your student. Our goal is to make life easier for you by bringing information together into one location in a user-friendly format.

    Features included are a dashboard (offering campus and general student information), student attendance, student grades and assignments, student library books, triggers and account management among others.

    Step 1 - Go to Parent Center
    Go to Parent Center Registration Form.
    (This form can also be found using the "Register for a new parent account" link underneath the "Process Login" button on the Parent Center Login screen.)

    Step 2 - Fill out Form
    Fill out the form and click the "Register" button at the bottom of the form.

    Step 3 - Confirm your Email
    You will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. Use the link in the email to be taken to Parent Center where a welcome screen congratulates you on your successful registration.

    Step 4 - Add Student(s)
    After logging in, enter the necessary information in the "Add Student" section to request access to your student(s).

    Please Note: If you do not confirm your account within 15 days, or do not add students to your account within 30 days of confirmation, your account will be DELETED.



    Your child may bring a snack and a water bottle to school each day. I do not have a set "snack time" -- instead, I allow students to eat their snack while they are working at any point during the day. Please make sure your child brings snacks that are nourishing and easy-to-eat, like cut fruit, veggie sticks, goldfish, or animal crackers. 


    Social Contract 

    The class will work together to create a social contract based on four guiding questions:

    1. How would you like to be treated by the teacher?

    2. How do you think the teacher wants to be treated by you?

    3. How will you treat each other?

    4. What should we do when there is conflict?

    The expectations we write down will be signed by each person in class. We will then help each other follow those expectations throughout the year.


    Student Handbook

    Please visit this link to view the Judson ISD student handbook.



    All parents/guardians who wish to volunteer on campus (including for parties, field day, etc) must complete volunteer training and submit to a background check EACH SCHOOL YEAR. You can access the volunteer training and complete the background check on the JISD website. (Training is also available in Spanish.)


    Weekly Update

    You will receive an email each week with learning targets and important information. I can provide a paper copy of the information if you do not have access to email.