Bilingual Program / Programas Bilingües

  • Judson ISD adopted the Late Transitional model in 1991 and the Dual Language model in 2009 as a vehicle of instruction for Judson's bilingual students. Research supports the knowledge that being bilingual brings cognitive and linguistic benefits. Cognitively, research demonstrates advantages in areas related to attention and focus. Specifically, bilingual students have shown advantages in switching focus, identifying conflicting information, and considering alternatives in problem solving situations (Hamayan, Genesee & Cloud, 2013). Therefore, it is essential that identified bilingual students receive instruction in their first language, so that students do not experience interrupted cognitive development and/or academic achievement. Judson's bilingual program is an integral part of the regular educational program that is required under Chapter 74 of the Texas Education Code.

    Judson ISD adoptó el modelo Bilingüe Transicional en 1991 y el modelo de Lenguaje Dual en 2009 como instrumento de instrucción para nuestros alumnos bilingües. Las investigaciones apoyan el conocimiento de que el ser bilingüe trae ventajas para el alumno, tanto lingüísticas como cognitivas. Estas investigaciones muestran que las ventajas están relacionadas con el dominio de la atención y el enfoque. Específicamente, en situaciones requiriendo la solución de problemas, estudiantes bilingües han mostrado la habilidad de cambiar de enfoque, identificar información contradictoria, y considerar alternativas (Hamayan, Genesee & Cloud, 2013). Por lo tanto, es esencial que alumnos identificados cómo bilingüe reciban instrucción académica en su primer idioma, para así no interrumpir su desarrollo cognitivo ni su rendimiento académico. El programa bilingüe de Judson forma una parte integral del programa educacional general del distrito, cómo requerido bajo el capítulo 74 del Código de Educación de Texas.

    Transitional Bilingual/Late Exit Model §89.1210 (d) (2)

    The Transitional bilingual/late exit model serves students who are identified as English learners by providing instruction in English and Spanish. This model offers academic growth in all content areas, such as Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, through instruction in the student's first language (Spanish). As the student's English proficiency increases, instruction in the first language diminishes. The goal is to promote high levels of academic achievement and full academic language proficiency in both English and Spanish. The student transitions to English instruction once they have reached a certain level of competency in English. Other subjects such as art, music and physical education are taught in English.

    Program Location

    Judson currently has several elementary campuses that offer the Bilingual Program:

    • Candlewood Elementary School
    • Crestview Elementary School
    • Mary Hartman Elementary School
    • Paschall Elementary School
    • Spring Meadows Elementary School

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