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    What is a Router? Someone who utilizes a computer routing system to efficiently route drivers from one location to another. The router directs the movement of the school buses to bring students to and from school/campuses supporting the operation of Transportation.

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    Transfinder for Parents

    Transfinder is a Step-by-Step Guide for Finding Your Child’s Bus Schedule & Routing Information.

    Finding routing information for students and parents has never been easier. While the district’s routing department is always readily available to respond to any questions directly, many answers can be found on your own by accessing Transfinder through the Transportation page of the district’s website. With a few short steps you will log into Infofinder i which will allow you to input student information to find their bus stop schedule including bus number, pick-up and drop off time and locations of each point. Infofinder i will also let you see the different schools that are assigned to addresses within the district. 

    Go to the Judson ISD Main Page at the bottom and click on the Bus Information box that looks like the below image to get your child's bus schedule.  


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