High School Dance Courses

  • Dance I, II, III, IV
    GRADE 9-12      1 Credit
    Recommended: Dance II-IV – successful completion of the previous level
    This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental skills of dancing. Students will study a variety of units to serve the dance fine arts education. This course will include topics ranging from basic knowledge of dance terminology and skill in ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, improvisation, and social dance in order to build an understanding and mastery of the choreography techniques, spatial awareness, rhythmic structure, stage production and history of dance. 

    Each course level is a series of instructional units and is integral building block for more advanced work. Students acquire knowledge, skills, and techniques through daily coursework and application of discipline, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Students will focus on a verity of dance styles to gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency. Dance requires consistent, structured practice to refine techniques. It is a rigorous art form that fosters the exploration and appreciation of diverse dance traditions and develops skills of observation, analysis, expression, and reflection. Students work to understand and evaluate dance performances, pursue 

    dance as an avocation, or study dance at the college and/or college and/or professional levels.

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