Middle School Art Courses

  • Art Exploration
    6th grade       Half Year
    This semester course is open to any sixth grader who wishes to develop as an artist, regardless of previous experience. This is an exploration course that will expose the student to varied art forms, media, and techniques. This exposure will create a common core of knowledge, familiarize the student with his/her cultural heritage, develop and refine his/her aesthetics towards the arts and enable the student to express his/her own creativity and increase his/her capacity for problem solving.
    A minimal supply fee will be requested from each student.

    Art I
    7th or 8th grade       Half Year
    This semester course is for students in grades seven and eight who enjoy learning about visual art. Students will focus on developing skills which include drawing, painting, print, sculpture, ceramic and collage. Elements and principles of design will be emphasized in each project. Students are expected to create original artworks using imagination and creativity, and work toward improving their artistic ability in all the techniques introduced.
    A minimal supply fee will be requested from each student.

    Art II
    8th grade       Full Year
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art I
    This is a full year course in which students with prior experience in Art I will review and apply the elements of art and principles of design to more in-depth projects that focus on specific cultures, artists, time periods, and/or techniques. Students will explore a variety of media (pencil, clay, paint, plaster, glass metal, etc.) in both 2D and 3D projects. Hands-on activities provide students an opportunity to practice creativity and critical problem-solving.
    A minimal supply fee will be requested from each student.

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