• Welcome to Third Grade!

    S.T.A.R. Binders:

    S.T.A.R. Binders are sent home daily. You can find important papers, your child’s homework assignments,
    weekly newsletters and information regarding your child’s daily behavior on the calendar.

    Agendas & Communication Binders:

    Agendas and binders are sent home daily. You can find important papers, your child’s homework, spelling
    words and information regarding your child’s daily behavior in the agenda and/or binder. Please check and
    initial the agenda every night. If you have any questions or a note for me please write it in the agenda.

    Grading Policy:

    Assignments will be weighed as follows:
    60% Daily Work and Quizzes
    40% Tests and Major Projects
    Grades for the previous week will be entered no later than Monday of the following week. Please refer to the
    grading handbook located on the Judson website for more detailed information.


    In 3rd grade, students have homework Monday through Thursday evenings. It is expected that your child will
    need to read every night for 20 minutes, and prepare for a math facts and spelling quiz each Friday. Your child
    can practice their math facts and get their reading minutes on Imagine Learning at home (which can be
    accessed through their portal). Additional assignments will be given throughout the year.

    Reading Log:

    We encourage every student to read nightly for at least 20 minutes. More information regarding nightly
    reading assignments and expectations will be sent home on an individual basis. This will be based on each
    child’s reading level.


    We have four very simple rules that students are expected to follow. They are:
    1. Be polite – always show respect, raise your hand to speak.
    2. Be kind – keep your hands to yourself except to help someone.
    3. Be responsible – show accountability for your actions and always do your classwork and homework.
    4. Be considerate - always remember we are here to learn do not do things that prevent you or your
    classmates from learning.
    Consequences for the behaviors are as follows:
    1st offense - verbal warning
    2nd offense – sign off on the behavior chart
    3rd offense – phone call home
    4th offense – office referral
    *All conduct marks in the behavior chart throughout the nine-week period will be reflected in the student's
    conduct grade on their report card.
    0-5---Excellent 6-10---Satisfactory 11-15---Needs Improvement 16+ ---Unsatisfactory

    Absences and Tardies:

    If your child is sick or has an appointment, please send in a note within 3 days either from the doctor or you
    the next day, so this will be an excused absence. In order for your child to be successful in Third Grade, please
    keep absences and tardies to a minimum. The school day is from 7:30a.m.–2:45p.m. It is crucial that your
    child be here on time for school. Not only will they miss important activities if they are late, but it is often
    hard to “get in the groove” after we have already started. After 7:30a.m., your child will be counted tardy.

    Snack Time:

    Lunch is served later in the day for us and it is hard to make it through the day without a snack. Therefore,
    students may bring a healthy snack to have at recess. Please see the attached list of approved snacks. If you
    would like to donate any snacks to your child’s class please make sure that they are individually wrapped.

    Monthly Newsletter:

    A newsletter will be issued to inform you of the month’s activities. We can’t emphasize the importance of
    reading this document in order to stay informed.

    Web Page/Classdojo:

    Please visit the classroom web page and or Classdojo to find homework assignments, spelling words and
    upcoming events.


    Unfortunately, teachers cannot conference with parents during instructional time. Should you need to speak
    with your child’s teacher you may schedule a conference during planning time, 9:10-9:55, or after school. The
    best way to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns is through e-mail and or Classdojo.


    7:05-7:35 Unicorn Prep (breakfast)
    7:40-9:10 Math
    9:10-9:55 Specials
    9:55-10:45 RTI
    10:45-11:10 Science/SS
    11:10-11:35 Recess/ Snack
    11:35-12:10 Lunch
    12:15-12:40 Science/SS
    12:40-2:10 ELAR block
    2:10-2:40 Writing
    2:40-2:45 Pack-up & Dismissal

    Again, we welcome you to 3rd grade. Please let your child’s teacher know if you have any
    questions. We ask that you please sign below, indicating that you are aware of our