Degrees and Certifications:

Senior Army Instructor (SAI) and Army Instructor (AI) Functions and Responsibilities

Senior Army Instructor (SAI) and Army Instructor (AI) Functions and Responsibilities.

a. The SAI, in coordination with the senior school official, will establish standard operating procedures relating to the administration, control, and training of JROTC Cadets. These procedures will cover the appointment, promotion, and demotion of Cadet Officers and noncommissioned officers. The SOP must be approved by the senior school official.

The Army Instructors will:

(1) Manage and conduct the JROTC unit according to school rules, regulations, and policies.

(2) The SAI will advise school authorities on policy and regulation changes within CCR 145-2.

(3) Maintain good relations with school authorities, faculty, and the student body. CCR 145-2  1 February 2012 35

(4) Conduct a public affairs effort in the local area middle and elementary schools, among school and community officials, civic groups, parent-teacher groups and other individuals or groups, designed to further the understanding of JROTC, the school and the Army.

(5) Enroll students in JROTC and support school officials while executing the curriculum and the integrated extra-curricular activities.

(6) Prepare weekly training schedules.

(7) Maintain contact with parents of all Cadets experiencing academic or behavioral problems.

(8) Ensure JROTC unit areas are neat and orderly; current chain of command photos, Cadet creed, core abilities and mission statement are present; and all sensitive items are secured.

(9) Ensure instructors share teaching responsibilities. No instructor is exempt from teaching a fair-share of the LET POI. Instructors should teach by expertise and preference in subject areas, rather than strictly by LET levels. All instructors (SAI/AIs) are responsible for teaching the JROTC curriculum.

(10) Maintain a current copy of DA Form 3126 and/or DA Form 3126-1, a completed service-learning checklist/rubric, a current copy of a bond/insurance certificate, and required JUMS reports.

(11) Maintain accountability of all equipment, IAW AR 710-2, including items requiring formal accountability (i.e., air rifles), informal accountability (i.e., clothing) and durable items costing $5,000 or less (i.e., automation, computers, audiovisual), but still requiring property accountability. Failure to properly account for government property could result in pecuniary liability or adverse action. If negligence is probable, the instructor must initiate a DD Form 200, Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL). Refer to AR 735-5 for instructions.