•  Strategic Planning

    Judson ISD is embarking on the strategic planning process. Strategic Planning is a process that empowers not only the employees and students of the district but also the community. This is the opportunity for stakeholders such as parents, students, district employees, city officials, business partners, and clergy to collaboratively shape the future of their school district. Through this multiple step process the district and community becomes partners in creating a five-year plan. This shared sense of ownership enables districts to overcome obstacles and discover new possibilities for students. All school districts reach a point where they must reinvigorate their parents and create new systems or face decline. The strategic planning process that Judson ISD will go thought is the planning to galvanize the community around a common purpose, and bring new life to the district. Starting in September 2019, there will be multiple ways for individuals to participate in the strategic process. There are three committees: The Steering, Action Planning and Advisory.

    Strategic Planning Groups