Strategic Planning

Advisory Committee

  • The Advisory Committee consists of 70 individuals that will look at the process, and conduct a needs assessment review of the beliefs, vision, mission. This committee will provide feedback to make sure that all voices are heard and that the plan is intentional and is moving the district forward.

    This committee will only meet once.

    Date for Advisory Committee Meeting:

    • October 1, 2019 from 6:00p-8:00p in the ERC Board Room.  


    • Laverne Robertson-Gold, Special Ed Assistant
    • Alene Bray, WE Nurse
    • Jodi Burton, JISD Coordinator
    • Paul Ritter, Director of Data Services
    • Kathlene Pruitt, CPE Teacher
    • Ron Kelley, Community Member
    • Sylvia Greenwood, K-12 Specialist
    • Loretta Herrera, JISD Coordinator
    • Carmina Fusco, Parent
    • Yolanda Vega, SE Teacher
    • Armando Maese, Community Member
    • Carla Moore, MMS Teacher
    • Alexandra Nieves, KMS Teacher
    • Ari Jeanne Hicks, Parent
    • Nathaniel West, ESE Teacher
    • Krizzy Henderson, Community Member
    • Juan Hernandez, SPED Advocate
    • Dannia Orellana, Parent