• Woodlake Hills Middle School believes "It is All About Respect".

      In order to build Respect for Self, Students, and School, all Wildcats will follow R3S behavior expectations.


      R3S Virtual







      In our classroom, R3S expectations are the building blocks of our class routines.

      Classroom R3S

      In our class, we will:

      • Be Prompt
        • Tardies will be documented. Excessive tardies will result in lunch detention and parent contact.
      • Be Prepared
        • Bring materials to class daily.
        • Complete your homework by the due date.
      • Be Respectful
        • Work diligently during independent and group work times.
        • Ask the teacher for assistance when you need it.
        • Talk when it is appropriate and at a volume that allows others to continue their learning.
        • Respect your classmates
        • Request a time out during frustrating moments.
        • Work towards solutions.