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    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program (TDA)


    The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program is an effort by the Texas Department of Agriculture to expand the number of healthy foods that students will eat. This is accomplished by invitation through TDA. Park Village Elementary School qualified for this exciting program and has been hosting it for several years. Each week different fruits and vegetables are tasted by students in the classroom while the classroom teacher interacts with the students about the food's taste, color, and texture while explaining about the food's healthy benefits. Hopefully, the next time they see these foods in their local grocery store, they'll be willing to eat them again.


    Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

    Judson ISD campuses that have a minimum percentage of identified students in the school year and are eligible to serve free lunch to all students.  Breakfast is free for all students in the district.  Household applications for free and reduced-price lunch are not collected for these campuses, although the campus does collect Confidential Household Income Verification Sheets for accountability purposes.  Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) campuses are listed below.

                                               Judson ISD CEP Schools





    Candlewood ES

    Kirby MS

    Judson Learning Academy


    Converse ES

    Metzger MS



    Coronado Village ES

    Woodlake Hills MS



    Franz ES




    Elolf ES




    Escondido ES




    Hartman ES




    Hopkins ES




    Masters ES




    Miller’s Point ES




    Park Village ES




    Paschall ES




    Spring Meadows ES




    Woodlake ES




    Texas Eduction Agency and USDA websites.

    Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

    Ten campuses are operating the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) At-Risk supper program.  These meals are served to students at the end of the school day.  The nutritious supper meals consist of a variety of lean meats, reduced fat cheese, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, crackers, enriched or whole grains breads, and low-fat milk.  Students have an enrichment activity during their end of day meal.

    Read more at USDA website.

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