• 8th Grade U.S. History 

    Mr. Campbell

    Email: Bcampbell518@judsonisd.org

    Phone Number: 210-945-1159 ext. 21366


    Friday 3:45-4:45 (Mandatory)

    Thursday 3:45-4:45

    Supplies: The supplies list is posted on the JISD website. 


    Overview of Classroom: Since JSTEM is based on PBL, students will actively be participating in group activities and projects. However, there will be times when, as a class, we need more direct instructional time. Below is a typical daily schedule:


    • Warm Up (5 min)
    • Teach/ Instructions (10-15 min)
    • Activity (25-30 min)
    • Reflection (5 min)
    • Weekly Quizzes 

    Attendance: Attendance is very important. With us doing a lot of hands-on activities, missing class could hurt the learning process. However, if you are forced to miss a class, I plan on posting every class document to google classroom. Once the students receive their Chromebooks, I will provide them with the invite code. If you know you're going to be absent ahead of time for any reason (extracurricular activities, family vacation, etc.) please email me ASAP so that I can get the work for the student. 

    Late Work Policy:  Late daily assignments not submitted on the due date will result in a 10-point reduction per day off the final grade and no assignments will be accepted after the 3rd day.  Major tests and projects will not be accepted late, but they may be made up via the retest policy.

    Retest Policy:  Students will only be allowed to retest on tests and major grades. They may only retest if they received less than 70% and may only earn up to 70% in the grade book.  Students must communicate with me in advance that they would like to retest so I can prepare the material. Students will be taking a different test or different assignment than the one they failed.

    Grading Policy: Tests and major projects will be 40% of the student's grade. Daily work will be 60%.

    Units we will cover in the classroom: 

    • Unit 1: Colonization 
    • Unit 2: American Independence 
    • Unit 3: Writing the Constitution 
    • Unit 4: Early Republic
    • Unit 5: Age of Jackson and Westward Expansion 
    • Unit 6: Industrialization and Reform
    • Unit 7: Sectionalism, Civil War, Reconstruction