• 6th Grade Pre -AP ELAR Syllabus 2021-2022

    Course Description: 

    Because of the unique structure of JSTEM Academy, 6th grade students are taking an accelerated curriculum and will take the STAAR exam at the end of the school year. This course covers a wide variety of reading and writing concepts.  This course moves quickly, so I encourage students to attend tutoring times when needed. 

    In 6th grade pre-ap we use the SpringBoard English Language Arts Texas Edition book and various instructional material. SpringBoard teaches the skills and knowledge that matter most to meet AP and college and career readiness standards. Each activity starts with clear standards  with aligned learning targets. Students will write in all the major modes, emphasizing argumentative, informational, and narrative. Students will write often and at the end of every unit assessment students will have a project and an essay. In my class, students will be creating, collaborating, and taking charge of their learning. 

    I post regularly on Google Classroom. Every Monday, I post a weekly agenda in Google Classroom. This is where students will find the majority of their assignments and due dates. Students may also email me if they have any questions at mhiller@judsonisd.org.


    Calculation of Nine Weeks Average: 

    All nine-week averages shall be calculated on a percentage system for each type (category) of assignment.

    Major Grade: 

    Tests/Projects will count for 40% of your nine-week average.


    Daily Assignment: 

    Daily assignments will count for 60% of your nine-week average. 


    Make Up Work:

    • Students will be given one day to make up work for each day they are absent.

    Late Work:

    • Late assignments not submitted on the due date will result in a 5 point reduction per day off  the final grade and no assignment will be accepted after the 5th day.


    • Students will only be allowed to retest on tests and major grades. They may only retest if they received less than a 70% and may only earn up to a 70% in the gradebook.  Students must communicate with me in advance that they would like to retest so I can prepare material. Students will be taking a different test or different assignment than the one they failed.