Classroom Rules and Policies

      In our classroom, the expectations set forth to help us reach our highest potential are as follow:

      1. Always Be Present

      2. Always Come Prepared

      3. Pay Attention and Raise Your Hand to Speak

      4. Complete Your Work On Time.

      5. Have a Positive Attitude.

      6. Give All Work Your Best Effort.

      Most importantly:

      We will ALWAYS try, even if we fail.  And then, we will TRY AGAIN!

      Some other important information: 

      *If students get below 70% on an assignment, they will be given an opportunity to fix/redo the assignment for up to 70%.
      *Grades will be posted on Skyward. Please check Parent Self-Serve to track your child's academic progress. 
      *Communication is key! Please check REMIND frequently to stay informed on events and important classroom information.
      *MARQUEZ REMIND: @674g9fa
      *More specific grading policies and procedures may be found in the 2023-2024 Student Handbook