SAPP provides support services to pregnant and/or parenting students (Males and Females) enrolled in Judson ISD to stay in school and graduate, pregnancy and parenting education and community referrals. The program’s case management consists of homebound services, transportation, childcare assistance, parenting education, counseling, and academic support.  


    Support Services

    • Individual Counseling 
    • Life Skills and Career Counseling
    • Child Care Assistance
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Pregnancy and Parenting Education
    • Serve as a link for students and families to community resources/agencies
    • Academic Support
    Program Referral
    If you think your daughter is pregnant, or your son might be a father, please contact your child's school counselor or Amber L. Palmer, LMSW, District School Age Parenting Social Worker. 
    Pregnancy Related Homebound
    Once a student delivers, TEA allows 6 weeks of postpartum academic services in an alternate setting.
    Student Accounting Attendance Handbook - Pregnancy Related Services 

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