• Show up, be on time, be safe, and be respectful.

    Technical Theatre requires that we utilize a variety of tools- so proper attire, safety, and adhesion to the rules is not only required, but a necessity.

    Class Rules

    1. Bring your required supplies! This includes your composition book, pencil,  and chromebook- and any additional things like projects.
    2. No FOOD, GUM, or DRINKS (other than water) in the following theatre spaces:
      1. Black Box
      2. Auditorium
      3. J115/Costume Shop
      4. Scene Shop
    3. Begin Clean-Up 10 minutes before the end of class
      1. You will put all supplies back where they belong
      2. You will clean paint brushes and paint cannisters
      3. Blades will be closed and secured
      4. You will sweep all working areas
    4. No bathroom breaks in the first or last 10 minutes of class
    5. Treat everyone with respect
    6. No CUSSING!
      1. Or inappropriate conversations
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