Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is a Bond Election?

  • How does the bond process work?

  • Is this the same bond proposal from November 2021?

  • Who decides what items are included in the Bond?

  • Who can vote for the Bond?

  • Can I vote for just one proposition?

  • My understanding is that staffing has been a challenge as of late. If this bond passes, and new schools are built, how can the district be certain there will be enough staff to occupy these new buildings?

  • What is the estimated time to sell a bond and start the work?

  • As JISD is a “school of choice” district, what is the board doing to address the issue of over-enrollment?


  • What safety and security measures are included in the Bond?

  • Will the Bond include any provisions for transportation?

  • Will the school bond include any funds to address elementary playground needs?

  • Are playground units, specifically for pre-k 3 & 4 students to include early childhood students with special needs, addressed in this bond?

  • How is replacing boilers and chillers a security concern?

  • Internet speed and consistency was an issue in the tragic events in Uvalde. I have experienced this slow speed on an elementary campus, and I know there were concerns during virtual learning. Will some of this bond fund upgrades to bandwidth?

  • Will any of this bond address preventing another cyber-security attack like we saw last summer?

  • How is putting AC in the gyms a security concern?


  • Why is Judson ISD including a new elementary and middle school in this school Bond?

  • When will the middle school open?

  • When will the new elementary school open?

  • Is the district prepared to address traffic issues on West-bound Evans road once the Wortham Oaks area middle school is opened?

  • How will the residents of Wortham Oaks be impacted by the new construction?

  • If overcrowding is a problem at current schools, can you inform me of what percentage of students are enrolled from out of the district? And what percentage of students are choosing a campus but don't reside in that attendance zone? Can you also tell me that information for the district as a whole?

  • What is included in the transportation section of the bond?

  • How many portables is the district currently using?

Financial Impact

  • How many years until this bond would mature?

  • Even if the school district says they have lowered their tax rate, my taxes continue to rise. How can that be?

  • What is Judson ISD’s current tax rate?

  • How does the tax rate impact me as a homeowner?

  • How will the Bond impact my taxes as a homeowner?

  • What if I am over 65?

  • When would taxpayers expect to see the tax rate increase to go into effect?

  • There is an item on the September Board Meeting Agenda to set this year’s tax rate. How does that effect the bond and the planned $0.01 tax rate increase?

  • Often new bonds are passed just as old bonds are being paid off or coming to an end. That is why often new bonds can happen without a tax increase to what the taxpayer is currently paying. If the bonds are passed a projected .01 increase would occur. If the bonds are not passed, would the tax rate actually decrease due to expiring or paid off previous debt?