Safety and Security Committee

  • Texas Education Code (TEC) 37.109 mandates that each school district in Texas establish a School Safety and Security Committee in accordance with the guidelines established by the Texas School Safety Center. Visit the links on the left for more information.
    The committee, to the greatest extent practicable, must include at least:
    (1) one representative of an office of emergency management in the district’s county or city; 
    • Bexar County
    • City of Converse 
    • City of Kirby
    • City of Live Oak
    • City of San Antonio
    • City of Selma
    • City of Universal City
    (2) one representative of the local police department or sheriff’s office; 
    • City of Converse Chief of Police Bobby Lane
    • City of Live Oak Sgt Jesse Barela
    • City of Kirby Chief of Police Roxanne Cardona
    • City of Selma
    (3) one representative of the district’s police department, if applicable; 
    • Judson ISD Chief of Police Teresa Ramon
    • Judson ISD Police Department Sgt Frank Garcia
    (4) the school board president; 
    • Mrs. Jennifer Rodriguez
    (5) a school board member other than the president; 
    • Mrs. Suzanne Kenoyer
    (6) the superintendent; 
    • Dr. Milton R. Fields, III
    (7) one or more designees of the superintendent, one of whom must be a classroom teacher in the district; 
    • Assistant Superintendent of Technology, Mrs.  Lacey Gosch
    • Executive Director of Student and Family Support Services, Mrs. Monica Garcia
    • Executive Director of Technology, Mr.  Matthew Fields
    • Director of Safety and Security, Mr. Jesus Hernandez III
    • Wagner High School Teacher, Mrs. Gladis Matamoros
    • Wagner High School Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ebonisha Davis
    • Veterans Memorial High School CTE Teacher, Mr. Johnny Mireles
    • Veterans Memorial High School Assistant Principal, Mr. Miguel Gonzales
    • Judson Middle School Assistant Principal, Mr. Howard Wilen
    (8) if the district partners with an open-enrollment charter school (OECS) to provide instruction to students, a member of the OECS board or board’s designee; and 
    • N/A
    (9) two parents or guardians of students enrolled in the district. 
    • Mr. Cory A. Mobley, Sr.
    • Mrs. Briana Burns