• As required by law, a person at each campus must be designated to serve as the campus behavior coordinator. The designated person may be the principal, or any other campus administrator selected by the principal. The campus coordinator is primarily responsible for maintaining student discipline. The Fine Arts Academy has identified the following as the current Behavior Coordinator.

    Jessica Talley

    Assistant Principal



  • Each student attending a JISD campus is expected to:

    • Demonstrate courtesy, composure, and respect, even when others do not.
    • Behave in a responsible manner.
    • Exercise self-discipline.
    • Attend all classes, regulary and on time.
    • Bring appropriate materials and assignments to class.
    • Meet district and campus standards of grooming and dress.
    • Obey all campus and classroom rules.
    • Respect the rights and privileges of students, teachers, and other district staff and volunteers. 
    • Respect the property of others, including district property and facilities. 
    • Cooperate with and assist the school staff in maintaining safety, order, and discipline.
    • Adhere to the requirements of the Student of Code of Conduct.

    *Copied from the 2023-2024 JISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

  • Is the campus allowed to question my student without me present?

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    Administrators, teachers, and other professional personnel may question a student regarding the student's own conduct or the conduct of other students. In the context of school discipline, students have no claim to the right not to incriminate themselves. 

    Students are expected to provide any information about their conduct or that of other students. Administrators are not required to contact parents/guardians prior to interviewing students.

    Parents/Guardians will be contacted and informed of the available information regarding their child at the discretion of the administrator conducting the investingation. The intentino is to conduct an efficient and effective investigation and to avoid causing parents/guardians undue alarm and anxiety based on incomplete information. 

    *Copied from the 2023-2024 JISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

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  • Can the campus staff search my students?

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    District officials may conduct searches of students, their belongings, and their vehicles in accordance with state and federal law and district policy. Searches of students shall be conducted in a reasonable and nondiscriminatory manner. Refer to the district's policies at FNF(LEGAL) and FNF(LOCAL) for more information regarding investigations and searches. 

    A student's clothing, personal property, or electronic equipment may be searched when there is reasonable cause to believe the search will reveal articals or materials prohibited by the District or other violations of school rules. 

    The district has the right to search a vehicle driven to school by a student and parked on school property whenever there is a reasonable suspicion to believe it contains articles or materials prohibited by the district. 

    Desk, lockers, district-provieded technology, and similar items are the property of the district and are provided for student use as a matter of convenience. District property is subject to search inspection at any time without notice. 

    *Copied from 2023-2024 JISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

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