About Pupil Services

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    It is our anticipation that the school staff and community will find the information on this site useful as it relates to the services provided by The Pupil Services Department. As a support system for the Judson School District, it is our distinct pleasure to be a department that can assist in the total management process of the District's over 20,000 students.


    The mission of the Judson School District Pupil Services Department is to provide a comprehensive range of services to assist campuses with behavior management and promoting exemplary attendance.


  •  Dr. Mary Duhart-Toppen

    Mary Duhart-Toppen, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent of Academic Programs and Postsecondary Education

    (210) 945-5330

    Debra Menshew
    Academic Programs and Postsecondary Education Secretary
    (210) 945-5330