• Background

    Community Growth Committees were created in fall of 2005 by the board of trustees and Superintendent Ed Lyman comprised of JISD community members to study areas of finance, curriculum, building, long range planning, and a possible bond issue. These committees met over the last year and the result has been a 4 proposition bond proposal.

    Bond 2006 Proposition I: Three new elementary schools

    If Proposition I is approved, the district will construct three new 101,000 square foot elementary school campuses for a student capacity of 750 each. Anticipated cost for the three schools is $59.6 million. Construction for the first elementary would begin in August 2007. One of the campuses would serve as a replacement for Converse Elementary School, built in 1963.

    Bond 2006 Proposition II: One new high school

    The 410,000 square foot high school, if approved by voters in November, will involve the tear-down and rebuild of Judson High School's Red Campus. Existing facilities on site will be utilized for student use during the process. The completed school would open to students in August 2010. Approximate cost for construction of the new high school is $94.4 million. A key factor in the raze-rebuild of the Red Campus hinges on moving the campus buildings away from the FM 78/1516 intersection.

    Total cost of Proposition II is $100 million. It should be noted that approximately $1.2 million of this overall cost would cover the demolition and removal of old buildings while $4.4 million of the overall cost would pay for the relocation of the district's Warehouse and Maintenance facilities. As mentioned above, total construction cost is approximately $94.4 million.

    Bond 2006 Proposition III: Renovations to existing facilities and technology upgrades

    Voters will be asked to consider $64.7 million in existing campus renovation and technology improvements. Renovations would be planned for Candlewood, Crestview, Coronado Village, Elolf, Franz, Miller's Point, Olympia, Park Village, Spring Meadows, and Woodlake elementary schools; Kirby, Kitty Hawk, and Woodlake Hills middle schools; the secondary alternative school, central kitchen, Education Resource Center, and Judson ISD Stadium. Most of the renovations would cover campus safety/security, roofs, and air conditioners. Approximately $10 million of the $64.7 million would be earmarked for improvements at D.W. Rutledge Stadium. The districtwide technology upgrade would encompass approximately $8 million of the overall total.

    Bond 2006 Proposition IV: "Early College Partnership" High School

    A 50,000 sq. ft. facility would be built on the Alamo Community College District Northeast Lakeview campus, offering 400-600 students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associates degree-sans tuition cost-during a five year academic program. Anticipated cost is $12 million.


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