• Teacher: Ms. Clamon


    Tutoring Times: Wednesday morning 8:00 am- 8:35 am & Thursday 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm


    Course Information: Creative writing academically challenging course which integrates reading and writing. These classes emphasize the development and use of composition, communication skills, rhetoric, and creativity. The course focuses on short stories, poetry, drama, and persuasion/argumentation.

    • The students will improve their creativity and form in various genres  

    •  The students will improve upon persuasion/argumentation. 

    •  The students will understand the relationship between literature, writing, and life. 


    Course Description and Calendar: Class will consist of collaborative work and individual assignments, lectures, timed writings, and projects. Students should keep in mind that anything we cover in class will be expected to be applied in their writing. 

    Unit 1: 

    Short Story Study

    -Paired writing

    -Epic Hero 

    -Timed Writings

    Unit 2: 

    Poetry Study

    -Various Poetic Forms

    Unit 3: 

    Drama Study

    -Adding to existing writing

    - Develop a play

    Unit 4:

    Rhetoric/Persuasion Study

    • Persuasion strategies

    • Professional Correspondence 

    Unit 5: 

    Student Choice Project 


    Materials Needed: 

    • Composition Notebook or Journal 

    • Pens (no yellow)

    •  #2 pencils

    • Paper

    • Kleenex 


    Student Expectations: Complete academic honesty is expected at all times. We will adhere to JISD’s policy regarding plagiarism, copying from, or colluding with another student on individual work. Each student will be expected to be respectful, and ready to work. All materials must be brought to each class period. 


    Attendance: Students are expected to be prepared and arrive to class on time. In the event a student is ill, it is the student’s responsibility to know precisely what  they missed and what they need in order to be prepared for the next class period. There will be no time to discuss make-up work during class, so email me, come to tutorials, or communicate with a trusted classmate. 


    Grading Policy: 

    Daily Assignments/Quizzes: 60%

    Tests/Projects/Final Drafts of Essays: 40%


    Late Work: Late work will be accepted as per district policy within the JISD student handbook. Students will have five days to submit the assignment after the due date. If it is not submitted within that time frame, they will receive an M (missing) that will be calculated as a zero towards their average. For every day the assignment is late, 5 points will be deducted. I will not accept work past the five days late policy.