• Tardies:  Students are expected to be in class on time.  A student that is late to class will be marked tardy.  If the student is 15 minutes late they will be marked absent.  If a student has a written excuse from a teacher/administrator/counselor I will make that correction.  It is a campus expectation to follow the 10-10 rule which means no one will be released from class for the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes.


    Daily work:  It is due during class.  Tutoring will not be available for students who do not use their time efficently.  Please come in, get your materials, sit down and be ready to start when the bell rings.


    Participate: Both courses that I teach encourage discussion and students are expected to be respectful of the speaker and wait until they are finished speaking before adding further discussion.


    If you are absent:  Ask a classmate for notes and what we did while you were gone. You will be responsible for all work that was done while you were out.  I have a box in my classroom for missing assignment handouts. Complete/ turn in missing work before the end of the week.


    Grades:  You will get the grade you earn.  Be your advocate for your grade.  It is your responsiblity to check Parent Portal.  If you have a question we can discuss it and find a mutual resolution.