Information Technology Classroom Expectations

  • Please be certain to:


    • Arrive on-time.

    • Have course supplies available for use during class.

    • Start daily warm-up immediately upon entering class.

    • Actively participate in learning.

    • Practice communicating with one another using day-to-day business language.

    • Continuously improve upon your interpersonal skills 


    In-Class Rules/Regulations:


    • Respect one another.

    • Respect campus 10/10 rule.

    • Respect the dress code.

    • Raise your hand and wait to be ackowledged when you wish to speak.

    • Consume food & drinks outside the computer lab.

    • Respect AUP while accessing/using the JISD network.

    • Use mobile devices only when directed.

    • Keep your earbuds put away during classroom instruction.


    Zoom Expectations


    • Be on time - wake up early; log on a few minutes before class

    • Be in a quiet place - find a quiet place; check your surroundings

    • Be prepared - computer is charged; camera is on; and use headphones if you have them

    • Mute yourself - mute yourself when your teacher or another student is talking

    • Presentation - wear appropriate clothing; sit up straight; be in camera view

    • Participation - be focused; be attentive; be an active participant

    • Chat responsibly - raise your hand to speak; type your question in the chat box

    • Communication - speak clearly; look up when speaking; and stay on topic

    • Be respectful - R-E-S-P-E-C-T; be kind; and be considerate