• Class Rules:

    I will lead a respectful and disciplined classroom.  To achieve this, I have established a few simple policies.  As a student, it is your responsibility to comply with these policies.  If you choose to break a rule, there will be serious consequences. 


    • Students will be respectful at all times. Hateful comments concerning race, gender, sexuality, appearance, etc. will not be tolerated.  Students will keep their hands to themselves at all time.


    • Students should be seated and prepared to work when the bell rings. This includes having all materials needed, including writing materials, and sharpened pencils within your possession.


    • In accordance with district/school policy, cell phones, music players, and other electronic devices are not permitted. In addition, applying make-up in class is not allowed.  If seen or heard, items will be confiscated and sent to the office. By entering in the classroom, you agree to this policy and are aware that your phone will be confiscated and sent to the office if seen or used. Devices may be used at teacher’s discretion ONLY for academic purposes.


    • No food or drink is allowed in the classroom. A clear closable container of water is permitted.