• Students may access several applications through their JISD Portal account. If you have questions or concerns about your child's login information, please reach out to their classroom teacher.

    My JISD Portal

    Username: lastname, firstinital, last4oflunch# (ex: tinerj2345)

    Password: lunch#+Abc! (ex: 12345Abc!)


    Amplify Reading - This is a great at-home resources for students. It adapts to suit your child's reading needs based on data and progress from the classroom teacher. It is designed to appeal to children's interests while helping them learn and grow their reading abilities.

    Imagine Math - This is a great resource to use at home. It is adaptive and places students on their individual pathway based on different screeners throughout the year. In this program, students have access to chat with a live teacher if they are having difficulty with a question. This live teacher is only available during daytime hours.