Kirby History & Mission

  • In 1914, a small two-room elementary school was built on Seguin Road in the current location of Kirby Middle School. The city and community of Kirby welcomed the opening of a new Judson ISD school in 1969 called Kirby Junior High School. The school opened with seventh and eighth grade students under the leadership of Superintendent William F. Sevier and Principal Ernie Sena.

    Over the years, Kirby Middle School has seen many changes:
    1979 - Additions of the 400 building for the elective classes.
    1977 - The addition fo ninth graders, called "freshmen".
    Late 1980's - Saw the ninth graders moved back to the Judson High School and a Principal, Loretta Carter, takes on the role of leadership.
    1998 - The addition of the sixth grade class to the Junior High.
    2003 - Construction of the new two-story "A" building for upgraded classrooms.
    2011 - The dedication of new "B" building for upgraded Science labs. The "Elsie Jordan" Librarian was named after the first librarian of Kirby Middle School.
    2018 - The beginning of the newest journey of construction to include the "E" building for additional upgraded classrooms as well as the "D" building which houses our Career Technical Education classrooms.

    Kirby Junior High School from 1969 Falcon Nest yearbook.
    Kirby Junior High School from 1969 Falcon Nest yearbook. 

    Kirby Junior High School from 1974 Falcon Nest yearbook.  
    Kirby Junior High School from 1974 Falcon Nest yearbook.


    Our mission at Kirby Middle School is to create and maintain an educational environment that empowers our students to become life-long learners who use high order thinking skills as determined by the TEKS and other National Standards.  Our students will apply knowledge to become contributing members of a global society and have the ability to achieve success in high levels of education.  We will create a community of support with individualized interventions that will guarantee the success of every student.

    “We start each day together
    In bright or stormy weather
    We’re making our way
    Each and Every day
    We’re on the move
    And out to prove
    - Poem from Kirby 1981 Falcon Nest yearbook.