Technology Updates

    11:00 AM 08-04-2021 

    All of us at Judson ISD remain committed to the successful resolution of the ransomware attack on our information technology systems. Part of this commitment includes ensuring our community receives timely, accurate and transparent information about this incident. We have committed to providing you with as much information as we can safely share while our investigation continues with the support of federal, state and local law enforcement in addition to our own team of forensic experts.  

     At this time, we can now confirm that Judson ISD made a ransom payment in the amount of $547,045.61 in order to protect sensitive, identifiable information from being published on the dark web where other threat actors could potentially access and misuse this data. While these are funds that we would have rather spent on the needs of our employees, students and their families, there was no other choice for the district to ensure your safety – our number one priority.  

     We understand there are still many questions about this disruption that need to be answered, and we are working around the clock to be able to provide you with information about what occurred, how we addressed the situation and will work to protect individuals whose data was affected, and what steps you should consider to further ensure your personal information remains safe, private and secure.  

     Our focus remains on our employees, students and their families as we look forward to welcoming everyone back to our schools this fall. Your patience and understanding as we complete these next, critical steps is greatly appreciated. 


    2:25 pm 07-20-2021

    Judson ISD recently announced we were able to restore access to our phone and email systems following a ransomware attack on our information technology systems. This restoration was achieved through the acceleration of key upgrades to reinforce the security of our systems in preparation for the 2021-22 School Year.

    While we are pleased to have access to be able to communicate with our community once again, we continue to work alongside our team of data privacy professionals as this remains an ongoing and active investigation.

    Our continued investigation will help us determine and share more details about what occurred, how we addressed the situation and will work to protect individuals whose data was affected, and what steps you should consider to further ensure your personal information remains safe, private and secure. We have learned it is common for this process to take some time, yet we are committed to keeping you informed.

    All of us at Judson ISD are committed to a successful resolution while also looking ahead to welcoming our students, teachers and staff back to school this fall. There is nothing more important to us than meeting our students’ educational needs.

    Again, we are thankful to everyone in our Judson ISD community as we take the necessary steps to fully resolve this disruptive attack on our school district.



    1:00 pm 07-19-2021

    Judson ISD is excited to inform the community that our district phone and email systems are back up and running!  We are so happy to be able to reconnect with our families and community through our normal communication lines.  We would like to thank our Technology Team and express our gratitude for the support from our community.  As we carry on with the work, we ask for your continued patience as we answer questions and fulfill pending requests.  We will provide updates through our social media platforms, website and communication system as they become available.  As a reminder, please be sure to register for the 2021-2022 school year through our online system.  More information can be found HERE.  If you need assistance, please contact your campus.



    4:00 pm 06-24-2021

    Judson ISD is coordinating a comprehensive response to what is now a confirmed ransomware attack. This has been a difficult time for our school district, and it is representative of the cybersecurity risks all institutions, businesses and individuals face in today’s connected world. We want to thank our employees, students and their families for their patience, cooperation and understanding as we work alongside law enforcement and our independent team of experts to resolve this matter.

    Please note we currently do not have access to our information technology systems. This includes our phones and district email accounts, among other critical resources. The timeline to restore these systems remains fluid as this continues to be a rapidly evolving situation.

    We understand some of our community members are uncomfortable receiving email communications from the district. We have set up phone numbers in order to address inquiries regarding our summer school programs, including transportation. In addition, a district call center to assist with other inquiries is being established and will be live on Monday, June 28.

    Summer School Contact Numbers:
    Elementary Summer Program 210-540-9145
    Middle School Summer Program 210-410-0939
    High School Summer Program 210-380-2771

    Transportation Department Contact Numbers:
    210-740-4218 or 210-896-1735

    There remains little information we can share about the ransomware attack and system outage at this time. If you have information about the attack or require urgent information technology assistance, you are welcome to reach us at Otherwise, we respectfully ask our community to watch our website and social media channels to receive updates as we have them.

    Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.



    8:21 pm 06-18-2021

    There is nothing more important to Judson ISD than the safety, security and wellbeing of its employees, students and their families. This includes the protection of their personal data stored within the district’s information technology systems.

    On June 17, Judson ISD determined that these systems had been compromised as the result of a suspected but unconfirmed ransomware attack. Unfortunately, these disruptive attacks are on the rise in the United States with criminals targeting school districts, corporations and other entities across the nation. 

    As soon as we became aware of the intrusion, we immediately notified federal, state and local law enforcement. We have also engaged independent forensic investigators and third-party experts who are working around the clock, in cooperation with law enforcement, to determine the nature and extent of this attack. It is unclear at this time what information might have been accessed.

    Our employees, students and their families were also informed through social media and the district’s mass communications system. While we continue our investigation and risk mitigation efforts, we are asking our Judson ISD community for your cooperation, patience and understanding. 

    We are committed to a successful resolution, and we will continue to share updates with you on our website, social media channels and the mass communications system as we are able to do so. Throughout this process, the district remains here to assist with your students’ needs and those of our employees. Updates will be published here as they are available. You may also contact the following resources for assistance: 

     **PLEASE NOTE: District staff do not have access to their email at this time. We do not have phone access. Please use the email address listed above to reach us with urgent questions and concerns. We will keep you updated as we are able to do so.


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