• Early Literacy at Converse Elementary

    Converse Elementary is committed to developing reading and writing skills that will help our students achieve success.


    Early Childhood Goals


    Goal: The percent of 3rd grade students that score meets grade level or above on STAAR Reading will increase from 41% to 65% by June 2024.


    • Kindergarten-Second grade teachers will directly instruct the daily phonics lesson plans provided in the curricular documents.

    • Kindergarten-Second grade teachers will implement the daily blending routine based on training received during PLC by the Academic Facilitator.

    • Pre-Kindergarten-Second grade teachers will use the benchmark assessment data to group students and to provide support lessons to promote student phonics growth (lessons from TxKea, Amplify, and others).

    • Kindergarten-First grade teachers will provide students with decodable text when students are applying newly instructed phonics skills.

    • Kindergarten-Second grade teachers will follow the ELAR district frameworks when developing the instructional schedule.

    • RtI teachers will follow the district lesson frame associated with SPIRE materials while providing daily ELA intervention to identified students.

    • Kindergarten will use the Rapid Recognition platform with students on a daily basis (2 sight words/ 4 letters)

    • Kindergarten will use the district curricular document to teach unit sight words (1-2 per week, writing in journal, and adding to the Rapid Recognition platform each week).

    • First - Second grade will create centers based on previous taught phonics lessons and have students access these centers weekly.

    • Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4 will use auditory, visual and kinesthetic activities to teach letters and letter sounds daily.

    • Pre-Kindergarten will practice numeracy skills daily (count up, count back, one more, one less) using auditory, visual and kinesthetic activities.

    • Third grade students use Imagine Learning Reading a minimum of 45 min. per week.

    • Third grade teachers will participate in bi-monthly PLC to plan activities to address weak reading TEKS as demonstrated by common assessment data


    Goal: The percent of 3rd grade students that score meets grade level or above on STAAR Math will increase from 33% to 55% by June 2024. 


    • Grades K-2:  Provide instruction along a continuum from Concrete to Representational to Abstract.

    • Grades PK - 2: Use manipulatives at all grade levels when new content is introduced.

    • Grades K-2: Use the math framework components to provide structure, stability, and consistency.

    • Grades K-2: Provide targeted instruction in numeracy and place value.

    • Grades 1-3: Use Imagine Math as a means of collecting data, and use the data to plan for more effective instruction.

    • Grades K- 3: Provide small group instruction as a means to differentiate content, process, and/or product.

    • Grade 3 will provide two grades on math assessments (one for answers and the other for showing work or giving partial credit for the thinking).

    • Grades K-3: Numeracy warm-ups (Number of the day, place value and multiple representations, number talks, etc.).