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Graduation Information

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JEF Scholarships Receipts

  • On May 1, the Judson Education Foundation (JEF) Scholarship Squad hit the road to award $48,400 in scholarships to Judson ISD Seniors.

Selma Aguilar and Paul McMillian - Judson High School

  • Aguilar and McMillian found pride in that sacrifice, so much so that the Air Force gave both seniors a full-ride scholarship to any university or college in the United States that supports ROTC, with a guaranteed career after graduation serving the nation as an Air Force commissioned officer.

Karla Puentes - Veterans Memorial

  • Down the C wing of Veterans Memorial High School, there is a full fledge cosmetology lab, equipped with all the space, equipment, and supplies needed to compete with the best salons in the community.

    It’s where senior Karla Puentes developed all the skills needed to not only pass the state board exam to be a licensed cosmetologist but prepared her to get her first job right after she turns her tassel from left to right.

2023 Circle of Excellence

  • On May 17, 2023, The Judson Education Foundation hosted the Circle of Excellence, celebrating the JISD top ten graduates and their most influential teachers. It was a night celebrating academic achievement and teaching excellence.

Veterans Memorial High School Graduation

Ashley Landin - Judson Early College Academy

  • On April 20, Judson Early College Academy’s Ashley Landin got an email that would change her life forever. She is a Gates Scholar, one of 750 students in the country to earn a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Billy Braun - Veterans Memorial High School

  • “I love testing,” said no student ever.

    But Veteran Memorial’s Billy Braun thrives on them. Like any scientist or researcher, he sees them as problems that need to be solved - and becomes fixated.

    That’s the goal - to become a problem solver, a researcher - when he attends the University of Texas at Austin, dabbling in chemistry, physics, or math.

Juleen Cantu - Wagner High School

  • There’s no stress like senior stress. Projects, college applications, essays, after-school jobs, and wondering what path life will take after high school. It can be overwhelming.

    But Wagner High School senior Juleen Cantu has been handling it well.

    As a leader of Wagner High School’s award-winning choir, she has been a servant leader, volunteering her time outside the organization to tutor those in need.

    She’s an example of a great Thunderbird.

Adrian Hernandez - Judson Early College Academy

  • For Judson Early College Academy senior Adrian Hernandez, the plan was to become a structural engineer.

    That plan has changed.

    Not because he couldn’t be a structural engineer, he already has 14 college acceptance letters and $700,000 available in grants and scholarships. The plan has changed because of life experiences, because of passion, and make no mistake, he is still going to college and he still has big goals and dreams, they just look different now.

Kamsiyochukwu Okoli - Judson Early College Academy

  • Kamsiyochukwu Okoli. From Nigerian origin, it means, “The Way I Ask God.”

    It’s not a common name and she’s not a common girl. Kami, as her friends and teachers call her, is the salutatorian of the JECA Class of 2023!

    “I didn’t think I would make it there. I was just doing my thing - turning in my work, trying my best. And then I thought, ‘oh, I made it.’” Okoli said.