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Spotlights on WE's Legacy

JISD Spotlights would like to share with you about something so extraordinary that has been decades in the making, and that is the Woodlake Way. It is an undeniable feeling you get when you walk in the door. It is smiles, laughter, attention to student and teacher needs, and genuine love for the community and profession. It is hard to figure out what creates this fantastic atmosphere, but a legacy is part of it. Legacy is defined as something transmitted by or received from an elder or predecessor from the past. The faculty and staff at Woodlake ES are remarkable, and we have a dedicated core of educators who are building a legacy for generations to come. 

Today Woodlake ES's sole purpose is to pursue knowledge that inspires a passion for learning while creating a culture of excellence that honors family, community, and self. Woodlake ES was built decades ago in 1979, and in its 40 plus years, a great deal has changed, but the one thing that remains constant and ever-present is the dedication of the faculty and staff to the Woodlake community.

"When we talk about the Woodlake Way, legacy is a large part. Last June, we developed a vision statement that reads, ...we honor family, community, and self. We are so proud of this "new" vision statement, proud of the time and energy devoted to creating it. We call it our "new" vision statement when in reality, it has been decades in the making."
- Dr. Kristin Saunders, Principal at Woodlake ES

  • Denise Hastings is in her 30th year of teaching; all years served at Woodlake ES.
  • Nancy Rogers is in her 29th year of teaching at Woodlake ES.
  • Sue Carter is in her 28th year of teaching; all years served at Woodlake ES.
  • Kellie Shivitz is in her 26th year of teaching, all at Woodlake ES.
  • Sheryll Richardson is in her 23rd year of teaching at Woodlake ES.
  • Michelle Harrison, who completed her student teaching under Mrs. Rogers, has served 18 years at Woodlake ES.
  • Jason Stuckey attended Woodlake ES for his 3rd-6th grade years. Mr. Stuckey's mother taught at Woodlake for 22 years, and, in the true spirit of legacy, Mr. Stuckey is in his 20th year of teaching, all served at Woodlake ES.