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Health And Safety Preps At JISD Schools

Deep Cleaning by JISD Custodians

Health and safety are absolute non-negotiables these days and that means getting campuses ready for the beginning of school. There is going to be a substantial number of students coming in for face-to-face instruction of all ages and Judson ISD wants to make sure that the schools are as clean as possible. Custodians at all the campuses are busy doing deep cleaning of classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, and anywhere that students and staff will be present. These photos from Hopkins Elementary School are just a slice of what's going on at our schools to make the return to learn not just instructionally effective, but clean as well with consistent cleaning routines to keep it that way. 

Thank you to all the custodians who are doing such an important job.

Deep Cleaning by JISD Custodians   Deep Cleaning by JISD Custodians