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JISD Purchasing Specialist Receives National Certification

Judson ISD is home for Ms. Lynne Trevino. She is a 1990 JUDSON ISD graduate and has been an employee for over 16 years  working on campus, child nutrition department and now as a specialist for the purchasing department. Ms. Trevino says Judson ISD has always been supportive of my professional development goals and for that I am ever grateful. 

In order to maintain a competitive edge by becoming TASBO Certified, the certifications are highly respected - and often encouraged - by school districts across Texas. Districts understand that a TASBO certification means you’re educated in school business and dedicated to your profession. Ms. Trevino completed her TASBO Registered Texas School Business Administrator Certification in November of 2020. "I could not have accomplished this task without the help of my Judson family. I received much support from my team mates in business services along with my wonderful Supervisor; Mr. JJ McQuade." Ms. Trevino mentions. 

L. trevino The certification requires:

  • 15 TASBO courses
  • management track as an area of specialization
  • 8 courses in each area of specialty
  • 6 courses requires in classroom
  • 5 years of school business and operations experience
  • 3 consecutive years in a single district
  • and a bachelor's degree required

Ms Trevino said "It definitely took  village and that is the beauty of being a part of this organization; everyone was willing to help me without any hesitation when I asked for assistance.  I look forward to many more years with Judson ISD and making a difference in the lives of our students, staff and vendors." The purchasing department and Judson ISD are honored to have employees like Ms. Trevino dedicate their time to specialize in their area of business in order to serve the highest quality of work to our employees and students in the district.